Many are still unfamiliar with the difference between Permanent Resident Visa and Temporary Resident Visa. AIMS Philippines is here to share with you the benefits of these types of visas and how they can help you decide on your migration goal.

There are many types of temporary visas, and individuals obtain them for several reasons. It’s fast to process but has a short-term purpose only. It can be where you are allowed to visit your friends and family in another country. It is also a visa where you are permitted to work for a company for a limited time. This visa type is for temporary use only, so you cannot live or work in the country long enough, and not all temporary visas allow you to work.

A permanent resident visa authorizes you to settle, study and work in the country with your family without restrictions. It comes with the same benefits and privileges as a country citizen. Being a Permanent Resident has a lot of benefits, such as settling permanently with healthcare coverage and finding your career goals. It will lessen your worry about your children’s education because schools and universities are all subsidized. Once you are a PR visa holder, you can sponsor your family and apply for Citizenship after your stay as a Permanent Resident.

These types of visas will vary depending on your needs or what pathway you will have to choose. It can be a Temporary Visa for the short term or a Permanent Visa for the long term. What matters most is your objective and goal to secure your family’s future through migration. Begin your migration goal at a young age.

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