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Many individuals are studying abroad, which could be one of the most extraordinary things that will benefit a college student or people who want to look again and explore. It can allow one to experience a different culture and learn more about the country.

One of the reasons you will consider studying abroad is the chance to see the world and appreciate the wondrous ways of life, customs, different ways of teaching, and things to do. It will enhance your view of better education, willingness to learn, better language skills, and the opportunity for your career in a foreign country after your studies.

AIMS Philippines offers student visas for the following countries:
  1. Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500)
  2. Canada Student Visa
Learn more about the process of a student visa and begin your application by taking the first step by completing our FREE ASSESSMENT form and scheduling an appointment with our Immigration Consultant.

Payement :  $1500 – $2500

Grace Period : Up to 30 Day

Support : 24 Hrs

Policy Modification : Online

Number Of People : Max 5

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