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In Bulgaria, many foreigners are settling in the big cities and towns. The number of people migrating and making it a new home increases yearly. People who move to Bulgaria enjoy the benefit of a low cost of living. It also preserves history, culture, and traditions. It also means the country's way of life is stunning and comfortable.

Program: Bulgaria Passport Program
Type of Visa: Citizenship


Every year, Cyprus increases the entrepreneurial community, and business people settle on the island. Cyprus is a magnificent island country south of Turkey. It has fascinating cultural traditions, gorgeous scenery, beautiful beaches, and new adventures to explore.

Program: Cyprus Passport Program
Type of Visa: Permanent Residency


The locals in Greece are very hospitable and welcome foreigners. It’s a place where you can live safely, and the crime rate is little. The country has the lowest cost of living in the European Union. Some expats can find employment in tourism, teaching, children care, or manual labor.

Program: Greek Golden Visa Program
Type of Visa: Residency Investment Program


Moving to Ireland will allow you to explore and enjoy the adventure. Ireland has everything from stunning beaches to beautiful countryside, and learns everything about history and culture. If you live in Ireland, it will allow you to travel and explore the EU.

Program: Ireland Immigrant Investor Program
Type of Visa: Permanent Residency


Latvia has a high standard of living, employment opportunities, and an economy proliferating. You will significantly appreciate the different things you can explore and live a peaceful life.

Program: Latvia Passport Program
Type of Visa: Permanent Residency and Citizenship


Malta's lively port city and capital is a popular place to visit because of its good restaurants, tourist spots, and community. Malta is a place where people can live comfortably and relax. It’s where you can access cities such as Rome and Paris, high-quality healthcare, and warm weather that everyone enjoys.

Program: Malta Residence (MRVP) and Visa Program and Malta Individual Investment Program (MIIP)
Type of Visa: Permanent Residency and Citizenship


If you plan to relocate and permanently settle in Portugal, you will enjoy the quality of living, healthcare, rich history, and culture. Immigrants in Portugal provide them to stay competitive and economic growth since economies are starting to open their borders and return to normal after the pandemic.

Program: Portugal Golden Visa Program
Type of Visa: Citizenship


Living in Spain is one of the more affordable places in Europe. It’s full of life, and the life of an expat there is comfortable and easy. By migrating and fully settling in Spain, you will experience a quality of life and be able to obtain your ideal home with your family.

Program: Spain Golden Visa Program
Type of Visa: Permanent Residency


Moving to Turkey will give you a mixed culture of Eastern and Western and people can live freely. In Turkey, expats can have a great time for settle and adventures. The country is one of the most popular places in Europe where expats live, and the cost of living is lower.

Program: Turkey Passport Program
Type of Visa: Citizenship

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, you can enjoy an excellent quality of life. The UK is a great place to travel because it has many different places to see. Expats enjoy and love the country because of its beautiful landscape and good quality of life.

Program: Innovator Visa
Type of Visa: Citizenship