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Relocation is a complete change when you are relocating overseas. It's more than just moving your house and furniture. It's a way that will also change your life. Here at AIMS, we assist individuals in everything they need for Relocation Services and make sure to attend to all their concerns and provide quality service.

Individual Relocation We are well-equipped to assist your moving of household goods and more. AIMS will be helping you from the beginning until you are fully settled in your new home and make yourself comfortable.

Migration and Relocation were made easy with the help of AIMS. After you obtain your Permanent Resident Visa or any visa, we can help your family to settle and support you with your needs for moving to a new place.

Corporate Relocation Corporate Relocation is when an employer moves an employee and pays for moving expenses. It incorporates all of the components of an employee's relocation as well as the financial incentive or expense coverage. We offer this service for companies that requires their employees to a new location.

Relocating the employees of a particular company offers a variety of benefits that ranges from an efficient operation smooth and affordable transition. There is also the retention of that company's employees, and there is a significant chance that the employee will stay.

Payement :  $1500 – $2500

Grace Period : Up to 30 Day

Support : 24 Hrs

Policy Modification : Online

Number Of People : Max 5

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