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Southeast Asia's Indochinese mainland is home to the nation of Cambodia, which has the largest religious monument in the world. Cambodia has the nature of plains and huge rivers. It is one of the great places in Asia to live as a foreign individual. There are also many places and foods you can explore, like The Royal Place, Floating Village, Amok Curry, and more.

Program: Cambodia Passport Program
Type of Visa: Citizenship


Malaysia is a welcoming country with a high standard of living and a shallow crime rate. It is a multicultural place. Most of the population is Muslim, with the remainder practicing Christian, Hindu, and other Chinese religions.

Program: Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H)
Type of Visa: Long-term social visit pass


The Philippines is one of the most admirable places in Asia. There is a lot of tourist destination that you can go to and explore and enjoy. They also have warm weather and friendly people. The Philippines is a popular location for foreigners due to its breathtaking natural beauty and affordable cost of living.

Program: Philippines Special Resident Retiree's Visa (SRRV)
Type of Visa: Retirement Visa


Singapore has excellent quality of life and first-rate infrastructure, making it a lovely country. This place is more of a business place, good economy and high quality of living. Singapore is safe because of the country's low crime rate, a reliable police force, and citizens who help keep the country safe.

Program: Singapore Global Investor Programme (SGIP)
Type of Visa: Permanent Resident