Success Stories

Gerardo & Ada Montano


We are a Filipino couple who entertained the idea of migrating to Australia after being denied permanent residency in Singapore despite having a successful job for 5 years. We explored the options of doing a personal application or going through an agent to assist us through the process.

We’ve searched online and encountered numerous consultants offering to assist on our migration plans. After going through several agents, we decided on 3 MARA-registered popular agents according to most migration websites. AIMS was one of those popular migration companies that we visited.
Our first visit was handled by Pearce Cheng. He completely explained the procedures, possible timeline and most important of all payments to be made with full transparency to ensure we understand the whole concept of applying through an agent. As a couple trying to find out the pros and cons of using an agent and the possibility of doing our own application, we did not signed up immediately. Instead, we checked other migration agents and compared their fees. We have to admit that after checking other migration agents, AIMS shined among the rest with their knowledge of migration and professionalism.

After comparing all the agents, we have decided to proceed with AIMS services in assisting us with our plans. Despite its popularity of charging high fees, we gambled on it due to its kind but straight forward approach on the migration. The whole process was a breeze for us. It took us a year from the time we applied until we received the permanent visa approval. We have to commend and complement Felicia Giovani in guiding us through the whole application process. She was very accommodating, patient and very professional whenever we asked for an update or timeline statuses.

We would never hesitate to recommend AIMS to a family, relative or friend as a migration agent. We are now here in Australia, adjusting and doing very well; and enjoying the work-life balance that we only dreamed-of in Singapore.

Thank you AIMS and our warmest regards to Pearce and Felicia.