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Australia is one of the great options to settle in, and you have many options to enjoy. It’s an open country with high quality of life and unbeatable natural beauty. They find the perfect place to balance a productive career and fun social life.

What is General Skilled Migration (GSM) The General Skilled Migration Program is for individuals who are skilled workers and families who intend to immigrate to Australia permanently. This program is points tested and is either independent, State/Territory sponsored or family-sponsored permanent visas.

Here are the Visa options that will identify which pathway you are eligible for based on your profession, work experience, and education:
  • Visa Subclass 189 - Skilled Independent
  • Visa Subclass 190 - Skilled Nominated
  • Visa Subclass 491 - State/Territory Nominated
  • Visa Subclass 491 - Family-Sponsored
Begin your life in Canada. Canada is known for its high standards and high quality of life of living. The country has a reputation as one of the friendliest places on earth. It perfectly balances work, energy, and the safest place to live.

What is Canada Express Entry (CEE)
Canada Express Entry is the most accessible pathway to being a Permanent Resident Visa holder where you can settle, work and study anywhere in Canada. This system allows the eligible applicants to be declared as Express Entry pool profiles and apply for Canada PR.

Express Entry is the method for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. Here at AIMS, we assist individuals in the immigration programs under the category of:
  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) is a program in which candidates become Permanent Residents and choose to move to Canada based on their high-ranked points, skills, and work experience.
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) are individuals who want to move to a specific province or territory in Canada and become Permanent Residents of Canada.

Learn more about your eligibility for Australia and Canada Skilled Migration through our eligibility and consultation. Please complete the FREE ASSESSMENT form, and our Immigration Consultant will contact you.

Payement :  $1500 – $2500

Grace Period : Up to 30 Day

Support : 24 Hrs

Policy Modification : Online

Number Of People : Max 5

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